Permanent Unwanted Hair Removal For Men And Women


Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal treatment method recognized by the FDA.

The process used at Electrolysis and Associates is the Blend Method, using both AC and DC currents to disrupt the blood flow to the follicle root, there by eliminating any regrowth in that follicle.

The process involves placing a small probe into each follicle and introducing an electrical current through the probe to destroy the follicle root.

As each follicle is treated the ability for it to produce a new hair is eliminated. The process is simple, comfortable and permanent


At Electrolysis and Associates we value our client’s safety and use Hinkle Blend Electrolysis and Thermolysis machines to epilate the unwanted hairs.

All instruments are sterilized in a medical autoclave after each use and the treatment rooms are cleaned between clients. Our staff used sterile gloves and protective barriers when needed.

The probes used are individually packaged one use probes. Clients will be treated with a new probe each time they visit. After the probe is used one time it is discarded in a medical bio hazard container. As an added benefit we cataphores with witch-hazel after each treatment.

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